Have you bens ked to speak in front of an audience in school or college? Are you looking for persuasive speech topics to that will engage your audience and sound interesting to them? If you think on your own, you will find that none of the shortlisted topics are interesting enough to hold the attention of your audience. Before finalizing a topic, it is worthwhile to know what makes a persuasive speech topic interesting and what kind of research you need to carry out to write a persuasive speech.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a category and topic

To be able to write and deliver an impressive persuasive speech, you need to find answers to following questions.
• What are the topics or ideas that you find interesting?
• Which of these topics are those that you have some knowledge about?
• What are the topics that are close to your heart?
• Which are the topics that you can find arguments in favour of an also against?

Choose the category and then the topic
Once you know answers to these questions, you are close to finding a perfect topic to write your persuasive speech. First of all you should finalize the category and then proceed to choose the right topic. There are so many categories to choose from that you will feel overwhelmed to pick up one of them. From animals to automotives and from business to economy, there are virtually hundreds of categories from which you can finalize your topic for a persuasive speech. If you love video games, it in itself is a huge category to finalize your speech topic.

Your speech needs to be interesting for the audiences
A lot depends upon the kind of audience you are going to speak in front of. It is not surprising that people see a movie many times and still find it interesting. They also go through the same book again and again despite being bored. But when it comes to a speech, they want it to be creative and innovative. Your opinion should not only be factual and logical but also one that is able to strike a chord with the heart and mind of your audience. Once you have triggered their hearts and minds, it becomes easy to capture their attention when delivering a persuasive speech.

Educate and bust the myths and misconceptions in the minds of your audience
The main aim of any persuasive speech is to inform and educate your audience. However, this is not enough as you need to convince them to your point of view through arguments and counter arguments. You need to make sure that by the end of your speech, you have convinced most of the members in your audience. You should be able to motivate them to and convert them to your point of view.

It is always better to choose a topic that is thought provoking and challenging the myths in the minds of the audience. You have succeeded in your exercise when you have most of the members in the audience nodding their heads in approval and clapping in appreciation.